Publish Your Mobile Game in China

SkyMobi (NASDAQ: MOBI) is a leading mobile game publisher, and owner of the Maopao app platform and Zhifuyi mobile billing SDK, in the People’s Republic of China. SkyMobi Publishing’s titles reach 80% of China’s mobile gamers and Maopao reaches 37 million monthly active users.


After I had contacted about 100+ other potential publishers it was very clear SkyMobi was SERIOUS about releasing our game in China and would be 100% invested in making sure our game was Localized (not just translated) for China.

—Todd Daniel, Shinybox

Working with our proprietary engine, their team created a deeply localized game that feels like a genuinely Chinese product while remaining faithful to our original design.

—Matt Small, Vector Unit

What’s Your China Strategy?

This year, China becomes the world’s largest mobile gaming market. Are you in?

600 million mobile gamers

$3 billion+ spent on mobile games in 2014

Nearly 100% year-on-year growth (2013/14)

DID YOU KNOW? China’s Largest Mobile Gamer Demographic

Live in 2nd-4th Tier Cities

Market Size

Market Size

China’s fastest growing demographic of mobile gamers makes up 60% of all mobile gamers in China.



  1. Age: 15-30
  2. Income: $7,000/year
  3. Education background: Junior College or under
Most preferred way of payment

Payment Method Preferences

Micro-payments, mainly SMS payment through carriers, and then 3rd party platforms.



50% users download games from data. Therefore, the most successful apps are 50MB or smaller.

Our Publishing Channels Run the Deepest

Whether you want to reach China’s largest gamer segment or the rest of the market, our proprietary and partner channels runs deeper than other publishers.

We partner with the essential distribution partners

70+ App Stores including Qihoo 360, Xiaomi, Baidu,

China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom


And, unlike other publishers in China

Our Maopao appstore is pre-installed on 40% of OEM Android phones sold in China today thanks to our OEM, operator, and retailer partners.

We’ve maintained a long-time, strategic partnership with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom for nearly 10 years

Since 2005, we’ve served over 1 billion users with 15 billion app downloads featuring over 550,000 apps

We help mobile game developers succeed in the Chinese mobile app market.



Even Chinese developers use us to ‘localize’.

The developer of ‘Fort Conquer’ is glad they did. Its revenue is $500,000/month as of May 2014. Our localization team has a collective 50 years experience



Without a partner in China, billing is a pain.

We’ve developed our own proprietary SDK that integrates carrier billing along with tens of 3rd party billing systems making it super easy for users to pay, and for you to get paid.

Our Publishing Channels Run the Deepest


We own the leading offline channel

The channels it not only has access to, but controls. Our Maopao app store is in the hands of 400,000+ new users every day, with 25 million monthly active users.

Our International Outreach

In 2014, we began outreach to international developers by attending conferences and developer meetups in 11 countries and counting. Though our marketing outside China began this year, it most definitely doesn’t mean we’re new to the mobile games publishing business. In fact, we have been publishing apps since 2005, and we were the first Chinese company in the market to list on NASDAQ (MOBI).


San Francisco Office:

425 Market Street, Suite 2280, San Francisco, CA 94105

Hangzhou Office (Headquarter):

10/F, Building B, United Mansion, NO.2 Zijinghua Road, Hangzhou

Beijing Office:

Rm. 1901, Building D, No. 89 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Shenzhen Office:

2D Bihai Buiding, Yuehai Garden, Zhuzilin, Futian District, Shenzhen

Interested to publish your game in China?

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Shanghai Office:

Rm.713-715 Business Center, No.1733 Lianhua Road , MinHang District, ShangHai