Pocket Gamer: SkyMobi CEO on why he’s looking to succeed in China by publishing western casual games

“If there are two things the Chinese mobile market doesn’t need more of it’s app stores and game publishers.

And despite doing both, Michael Tao Song, the CEO of Sky-mobi would probably agree.

After all, it’s been operating its Maopao app store since 2006.

“That was before Apple’s App Store,” he points out, when we meet during the GMIC Beijing 2014 conference.

Indeed, Sky-mobi is a reminder that the app ecosystem existed long before the advent of smartphones.

And more than just existed, some companies were very successful, including Sky-mobi, which listed on the US NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker MOBI in 2010.

At time of writing, its market capitalisation was over $210 million.” Read More.