SkyMobi Releases “Emma’s World” on the iOS App Store Throughout Greater China

Designed with cute characters and gorgeous, stylistic visuals, Emma’s World is an ingenious, fast-paced mobile game for players of all ages. Armed only with a slingshot, a pile of paintballs and a lively imagination, the main character, Emma, bravely journeys through her fantasy world, defeating enemies and saving the day. The game, free to download with in-game purchase features, includes over 100 creatively-designed levels for gamers to enjoy.

“We are very excited to bring Emma’s World to the Chinese iOS app store, further underscoring our strategy of sourcing quality international games and localizing them for distribution in the Greater China region,” stated Michael Tao Song, chairman and chief executive officer of Sky-mobi. “The successful release of Emma’s World marks a significant milestone for our game publishing business. Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on expanding our market share and fortifying our position as a leading game publisher by remaining steadfast in our strategy of enriching our game selection and bringing more popular international titles to our Chinese grassroots gamers.”

Victor Hambardzumyan, chief executive officer of Carpazzzi Soft, commented, “We are very pleased with the partnership with Sky-mobi, a trusted partner that has worked tirelessly on Emma’s World to provide for optimal localization and tailor the game for the China market. We believe Sky-mobi’s solid understanding of the unique app distribution environment in the region as well as its deep insights into Chinese mobile gamers’ evolving preferences, habits and behavior will help ensure the success of the game in what is now one of the world’s largest mobile gaming markets.”

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