Venturebeat: SkyMobi is Scouting the West for Mobile Games to Take to China

“Chances are that you haven’t heard about SkyMobi. But the nine-year-old publicly traded Chinese mobile game publisher wants to change that. It’s one of numerous Chinese game companies that wants to become a global game company — and it might have a war chest big enough to make this happen.

Michael Song, the chief executive of SkyMobi, said in an interview at the recent Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) that his company is searching for Western developers who want to publish games in the Chinese market, which has become the biggest in the world. Niko Partners estimated that the Chinese mobile game market will grow 93 percent in 2014 to $2.9 billion. The number of mobile gamers in China is about 450 million, or more than the U.S. population.”

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